This is one of the most critical aspects of buying any home and a log home is no exception.  A typical log home should cost no more than a conventional home. ​

But don't forget there are many more costs for a complete move-in ready

home than just the home itself

You will many times need a well, septic system, and basement--this can add about 30 to 40 thousand dollars to the home's overall cost! 

 We have recommended contractors that will build your dream home to your exact specifications.  Below is the current "factory direct" price list for Honest Abe Log Homes (legacy Series), and this will include everything you will need to build your dry-in shell. 

Patriot Model---1404 square feet -----Dried in and ready to finish inside---Only $129,900

The above prices include everything to construct your dried-in-shell, and materials included can be seen by clicking on this link----

This figures to about $60 a square foot and typical labor to build the shell is $18 to $25/sq ft.  The remaining costs to complete your home will be also be about $60 a square foot so that the total cost is between $138 to $145 per square foot. 

These are the “Down to Earth” Pricing Factors that really count—check them out! 

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This was our 3rd model home in the Horsepasture area of Martinsville, Virginia.  We lived here for 5 years but we needed more room for the Beagles!

nontTypnnn​NOTE:  All pricing information is a good faith estimate based on current market pricing 

You can also view what the is included in packages at: along with a huge variety of floor plans.

You can have the "Patriot" model (see below) package dried-in with: labor, full basement, front porch, and rear deck included for only $129,900.  

All you do is the finish work including (HVAC, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, insulation, and inside finishing).    Call us for details and to discuss any log home questions you may have--we never bother you with unwanted return calls!

Factory Direct from Honest Abe Log Homes--Services and Pricing Information 

Items not included in Honest Abe package include: HVAC, Kitchen Cabinets, Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation,  Finish Carpentry, Finished Flooring, and Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures (these in total make up the additional $60 per square foot).