​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tip One-Ask any company why they sell another type of wood or do not kiln-dry.  The real reason is that it is cheaper, but most will not tell you that!  We only recommend and sell this type of material.

Choice- There are several hundred log home manufacturers out there selling a wide variety of products.  However most homes are built with 6 to 10 different shapes, widths, and species.  We offer ALL of these and in a choice of Brand Name or generic logs.  You may choose pre-cut packages or random length logs but all will be kiln-dried and guaranteed for quality.
Tip Two-Do not buy from a log home company that says their logs and profile are better than anyone else’s because they usually are not!  This is known as “puffery” or in plain English it means stretching the truth.

Service- A major factor affecting your home building experience is workmanship.  Not only can it be not as expected, but it can cost an arm and leg these days.  Be very cautious when dealing with someone and paying them large sums of money.  They should be experienced, have tons of references, and provide examples for everything they say.  Go to our “Contact Us” page and look at our experience and why we stand out above the crowd. 
Tip Three
- Trust only those people you feel comfortable with and back up everything they say with facts and examples.

Price- If all of the above factors are considered, now it is time to decide if your hard earned money will be spent.  In the log home industry, most people will tell you it is difficult to compare their package to another companies because all are different. WE DISAGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT and here is probably the most important tip of all.
Tip Four- All log home company packages can be compared (apples to apples) to other companies.  It is sometimes difficult but certainly can be done.  Most of the higher priced companies do NOT want you to know this so they can sell you a product that is overpriced!

Come and h​ave a cup of coffee with us while we leisurely discuss your future home plans.  We also gladly accept your pets and children--plenty of room to play!

Evaluation Criteria

Below is one of our customer's homes.  It is located near Patrick Springs, Virginia.  We rabbit hunt around their home------ and love the great outdoors​!

William's home near Patrick Springs

Quality- The great majority of logs for log homes are made of kiln-dried soft woods.  White pine is mainly used in the east and other species in the mid-west.   It is stable, has high insulative value, and is easy to dry.  It should be (and most are) dried in a kiln to a moisture content of about 19% one inch into the wood.